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World premieres of 16 Years of Alcohol and Afterlife at Edinburgh International Film Festival!!!

16 Years of Alcohol
THU 14 AUG 19:30 CAMEO 1
FRI 22 AUG 21:30 UGC 8

TUE 19 AUG 20:30 UGC 2

THU 21 AUG 21:00 UGC 2

PRICE: £7.50 (£5.00 CONCS) - can be ordered through their website. Kevin and everyone should be there!

If you're on the mailing list, you'd have seen this already. Kev is playing a role in a Hollywood backed Cole Porter biopic starring Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd. I can't find any concrete information about his involvement apart from one interview. The film is called Just One of Those Things (another title is De-Lovely). They've got guest singers/actors from Robbie Williams to Diana Krall.

Kev just did a private gig of some new Andrew Lloyd Webber music at ALW's private art festival! See this article from Playbill.

Lloyd Webber's Musical in Progress, Woman in White, Gets UK Presentation
By Kenneth Jones
17 Jul 2003

Andrew Lloyd Webber's new musical, The Woman in White, got its first airing for an audience July 11-13 at the Sydmonton Festival, the composer's private arts festival at his English country home.

The presentation was a workshop of Act One and included a couple songs from Act Two. A six-piece orchestra was conducted by Simon Lee.

The musical is freely based on the novel by Wilkie Collins and has book and lyrics by Charlotte Jones (Humble Boy) and David Zippel (City of Angels). Trevor Nunn (Cats) directed, and Simon Lee was musical director.

The cast included Anne Hathaway ("The Princess Diaries"), Laura Michelle Kelly (Eliza of Trevor Nunn's West End My Fair Lady), Kevin McKidd ("Trainspotting"), Roger Allam ("The Roman Spring of Mrs. Stone") and Kevin Colson (Aspects of Love).

A mysterious tale of damsels in distress, a wicked aristocrat, lunatic asylums, family fortunes, desolate mansions and a sinister Secret Society, "The Woman in White" was a popular success for 19th-century English novelist Wilkie Collins, who went on to write the first modern detective story, "The Moonstone."

The musical continues to develop toward a production, but there is no announced timetable for the work. American and British producers and other industry folk were present at Sydmonton.

Andrew Lloyd Webber (Evita, The Phantom of the Opera, Jesus Christ Superstar) will produce Bombay Dreams on Broadway in spring 2004. The Bollywood-flavored show with a score by composer A.R. Rahman and lyricist Don Black is currently running in London. Lloyd Webber's long-running Broadway musical, The Phantom of the Opera, continues at the Majestic.

2003 is a good year for us fans. We get to see Kev on the big screen, the smaller one.. and almost on stage! First, get out your diary and mark these release dates!

Max . 13 June 2003 (last Friday)
Nicholas Nickleby . 27 June 2003
Afterlife . possibly premieres in Edinburgh International Film Festival
(ie 13-24 August 2003) - I bet Kev will be there!
16 Years of Alcohol . possibly September 2003
The Key . Winter 2003

The Bum's Rush has completed, and changed its name to One Last Chance - hopefully it will be released this year. Myriad has a one-page site (with pics!) about the film and you can find the link on its page under film.

Full casting info for Afterlife is available. In an interview with the screenwriter Andrea Gibb in Scotland on Sunday, Kev liked the script so much that he passed the chance to work with Franco Zeffirelli at National Theatre! (Hmm... I believe the play is Absolutely {Perhaps!} which is playing in Wyndhams Theatre right now, sans Kev and not an NT production to start with... Imagine NT student night with Kev... and free booze - dream comes true indeed!)

New project: The Purifiers. Directed by Richard Jobson. Details see film.

Quite a lot happened since I last updated. If you've been on the mailing list, you would have heard of most of them. First, films. Dates for your diary. Max will be released in the UK on 13 June, 2003. Nicholas Nickleby will be released on 27 June, 2003. The Rocket Post may receive its long delayed premiere in May in Burns Festivals in Ayr, or at an undisclosed venue at an later date. Everything seems very unconfirmed, according to The Herald on 31 Mar 03. There's a new film starring Kevin called Afterlife. Rumoured that Helen Mirren will play the female lead. Press release from film company...

Scottish TV, Grampian TV and Scottish Screen to produce two feature films in 2003
For the last three years New Found Land has been a highly successful production initiative between Scottish Television, Grampian Television and Scottish Screen. We have now produced 18 films, which have won numerous awards and received both public and critical acclaim. This unique project has become one of the annual highlights for cinema and television in Scotland.

We have decided to make changes to the scheme in 2003. Instead of six short films the scheme will produce two feature length films for cinema and television. We will change the name of the scheme to New Found Films for 2003 and it is the intention that we will revert back to commissioning six short films in 2004.

It is hoped that as in previous years, both films will receive their world cinematic premieres at the Edinburgh International Film Festival.

Today we are delighted to announce the two feature films that have been chosen to go into production in 2003.

Written by: Andrea Gibb
Directed by: Alison Peebles
Produced by: Catherine Aitken
Film Company: Gabriel Films
Cast: Kevin McKidd (Kenny)
Afterlife - a young journalist is about to get the breakthrough of his career when he

discovers his mother is dying. He is suddenly forced to examine his life and responsibilities because he has a Downs Syndrome sister who has never left his mother's side and his mother expects him to take over her twenty-four hour care. Brother and sister go on a journey of discovery that changes both their lives forever. Kevin McKidd (Trainspotting, Anna Karenina, Dog Soldiers) will take the lead role of the young journalist Kenny.

Radio: Kevin did a radio play called M on BBC Radio 3 back in February. With my luck, I only found out about it a week after it was aired. Typical.
Theatre: As an event to raise funding for Stop the War Coalition, Far Away was staged without decor at Royal Court once again on 4 November, 2002. Unfortunately, I missed it. If you've been there and don't mind sharing how it went, please email me! Everyone from the original cast was involved (apart from Stephen Daldry, but he's the director). Some of the publicity snippet.. (promise to make your blood boils.. sorry that I'm in such a funny mood... blame it on the exams... and the weather!)

Sunday 4 November:

7:30pm -- Royal Court Theatre, Sloane Square. Stop the War Coalition fundraising benefit featuring plays by Caryl Churchill and Tony Kushner. Scenes from Churchill's Far Away - first performed at the Royal Court - will be directed by Nina Raine and performed by Linda Bassett, Katherine Tozer, Kevin McKidd and Annabelle Seymour-Julen. And on the same bill, Kika Markham reads from Kushner's new play reflecting on Afghanistan, Homebody/Kabul. Tickets £10. Sloane Square tube.

A special evening of theatre in aid of the Stop the war coalition



A production without decor directed by Nina Raine, with the company from the original Royal Court production directed by Stephen Daldry, featuring Linda Bassett, Katherine Tozer, Kevin McKidd and Annabelle Seymour-Julen. Sound design by Paul Arditti


KIKA MARKHAM reads from TONY KUSHNER'S new play reflecting on Afghanistan HOMEBODY/KABUL

SUNDAY 4 NOVEMBER, 7.30pm ROYAL COURT THEATRE Sloane Square (Sloane Square tube) Tickets £10 from 020 7791 3297

Stop the War Coalition, PO Box 3739, London E5 8EJ www.stopwar.org.uk E-mail stopthewar01@yahoo.co.uk

From the Sun, Kevin says he wanted to be in Trainspotting II as Tommy the Ghost. Anyone read Porno? I didn't manage to finish it. And I haven't got it here with me in London.
Further mention of The Bum's Rush in an interview with James Sives from The Scotsman.

Sives is the first Scot to have been chosen for the honour. By that time he had already completed his second film lead in The Bum’s Rush, a comedy said to have the dark twinkle found in the best of Bill Forsyth’s films.

"I agreed to do The Bum’s Rush before I even heard about Wilbur and they were both meant to start shooting at the same time," says Sives. "Originally, I wasn’t going to do Wilbur if it had all gone according to plan, but then various things affected the production of each film. Wilbur got sent back and Bum’s Rush got sent back even further and I was able to do both."

Leading a promising ensemble that includes Kevin McKidd, Iain Robertson, James Cosmo and the film’s executive producer, Dougray Scott, Sives plays a character called Fitz.

"He’s a sort of classic underachiever who is looking after his father who has never been the same since his mother left them. He has a girlfriend whom he has promised the world to, or at least a trip to Glasgow - much the same thing. "They find gold in an old man’s land and think that’s the ticket to Glasgow and beyond. The local heavies get involved and there’s also a backdrop of curling. It just becomes a bit of a jape and a romp. Good fun, but also about hope and serious things."Sives realises that this year may turn out to be a professional crossroads for him, especially if The Bum’s Rush matches its promise or if Wilbur repeats its local success on an international scale.

Last words. Can't remember whether I mention this or not, but Kev sang in the Frankie Miller tribute CD.