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The Benefits of Sports Psychology

What I battle to do hardest in a tennis match is to quieten the voices in my head, to shut everything out of my mind but the contest itself
Rafa Nadal

FootballSports Psychology is recognised as a key differentiator in athletes' performance. Elite athletes increasingly access sports psychology to assist and enhance performance.

The life of an athlete may be short, and the worse feeling is squandering an opportunity that may never come again.

Just like physical skills, psychological skills can be learnt and developed.

Mental Discipline in Sport

The price of mental indiscipline can be high. As Rafa Nadal, considered to be one of the finest exponents of mental discipline and toughness, said of his defeat in the 2008 Wimbledon Final:

"losing always hurts but it hurts much more when you had your chance and threw it away. I had beaten myself. I had flagged mentally, I had allowed myself to get distracted, I had veered away from my game plan. So stupid."

Mental control during match play includes skills such as thinking the right thoughts, staying in the moment, executing a desired game plan, fighting to the end, not getting distracted by your own fears or hopes.

As a sports scientist, I will help you review the processes you use and the preparation, pre-match preparation, tournament preparation, match play.

Sports Psychology

We will work together on the skills needed to compete at your best. This means looking at all stages of the process, from daily intensity and training, preparation, match preparation, match play, and self-mentoring and reflexion on performances.

Preparing in this way means doing the right things which become habitual.

This will mean that you no longer need leave to chance how you will feel on the day of competition. You learn to control your outlook and beliefs through a series of easy to learn techniques.

Your performance will improve as we train your mind to be as prepared for competition as your body. The aim is to increase your confidence, concentration and success.

You will become a master in accessing the psychological skills crucial for increased performance.

Training the mind releases you from the unnecessary tension that limits performance and releases potential that is usually restricted by limiting beliefs.

Specific areas will be:

  • Performance Profiling
  • Goal setting
  • Visualisation and imagery
  • Attentional control and focus
  • Anxiety control and relaxation techniques
  • Positive Self Talk

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