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Jo Brown (on right) colecting Middlesex Division 1 Championship trophy on behalf of Old Actonian Women's Team, Season 2000-2001

Jo Brown
Personal Performance Coach

The past doesn't win matches and stats don't win matches
Jose Mourinho

In my experience, Jose Mourinho is right! The mind is a key factor in performing at your best, moreover you can't rely on past performances nor should you be overawed by your opponents' records or image. Consistent and reproducible world-class, expert or even good performance is achieved via many factors, including talent and technical ability, honed by repetition, physical conditioning and good nutrition and rest strategies. All this is underpinned by mental skills. Mental discipline, concentration and confidence are vital. Without these the other things you do can be undermined.

Think of coaching as an accelerated way of achieving what you really want! I work with you as a partner to improve your performance and quality of life.

Mental skills can be learned. You can learn them at any age.

My Research Interests

During my affiliation with the Department of Sport and Education at Brunel University I have developed my research and interest in the health, fitness and academic attainment of children and youth, looking at these areas through the media of sport and how it can help.

Here are some the current projects under way along with previous research.


Research into parental engagement; supporting children to enhance their children’s development and achievement.

Differences in parenting practices are strongly associated with differences in children’s development and academic achievement. The notions of intervening among parents has gained popularity in recent years as a response to a number of welfare issues, including persistently low levels of academic attainment among lower socio economic groups, delinquent behaviour and concerns over social mobility.

This study investigated the attitudes and opinions of 21 parents of students attending an intervention programme called “Urban Scholars” on participants. Interviews were analysed using thematic analysis and validated via a process of inter-rater reliability, from which a set of themes emerged. The paper (in progress) seeks to identify perceived barriers to parental engagement, and perceived areas of potential support, taking the parental opinion as they key force.

Brunel Urban Scholars project – a project looking at the role of parents in their child’s education, and focusing on parental relationship with child and educational aspirations for their child.

Teaching Concerns and Values – participating in a nationwide research collaboration with colleagues from Sport and Education at Universities of Exeter, LJM, Bedford, and Chichester.

There is strong evidence that the values of student teachers shape their teaching style and priorities. Moreover, the importance of the different concerns that student teachers have about their teaching performance are likely to vary during the course of teacher training. Study one examines the potential relationship between student teachers values about teaching and their teaching concerns, and a second study uses a repeated measures approach to examine the impact of school placement on teachers concerns.


Brown, J. & Capel, S. (2009) An Evaluation of the Kids Swim Free (KSF) programme in Brent, summer 2008; A report for Pro-Active West London (report to the project directors and sponsors).

Brown, J. & Capel, S. (2008) An Evaluation of the GO programme in Brent, spring/summer 2008; A report for the National Social Marketing Centre (report to the project directors and sponsors).

Brown, J. (2008) Final report on Move It (audience; Department for Education and Skills (DfES), Member of Parliament for Brent North, Project Director and sponsors)

Brown, J. (2007) Second Interim Report on Move It (audience; Member of Parliament for Brent North, Project Director and sponsors).

Brown, J. (2006) 1st Interim Report on Move It (audience; Member of Parliament for Brent North, Project Director and sponsors).

Brown, J., Wilson, M. and Sharp, N (2006) “Down But Not Out”: An Exploration of the Psychological Factors that Impact the Unexplained Underperformance Syndrome (UPS) International Journal of Sport Coaching Vol 1, 3. p.163-176


What parents need and want; an examination of parental engagement and related barriers and support

Social Mobility and Medicine; an examination of attitudes towards a career in medicine among high potential students from lower socio economic backgrounds

The opinions and aspirations of young people with high educational potential; a mixed methods study

Teaching Concerns and Values; an analysis of the relationship between student teachers personal concerns and values

The impact of school placement on the teaching concerns of student teachers.

The impact of a sports intervention on the school community

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