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Goal Setting

Goal setting is a scientifically proven motivational technique. It focuses your attention, stimulates creative energy and solutions, and increases persistence.

  • Do you want to plan for success?
  • Do you want to get focused on solutions not problems?

Coaching and Goal Setting will help you to

  • Get more out of life!
  • Achieve your dreams!

As your coach I will help you to

  • Set powerful and clear goals
  • Create a step by step plan
  • Coach you as you follow through and bring your goal to life!

Together we will set goals and follow through to create the life you want in any area of your life, for example: sport performance, your career, exam success, health and fitness.

Goal setting is key to creating the life that you want to live. Getting caught in the details of life all too often means that you don't take the time to get clear about what you really want.

Through setting clearly defined goals you will become clear over what you want from life. By breaking the goals down into the series of small steps necessary to attain the big picture you will be able to work constructively towards success.

Through a series of established techniques you will be able to set new goals, gain clarity about what your really want from life and how you want to live. This in turn will generate commitment and deciding to follow through will release the force of change. As your coach I will not only help you set the goals, mentor you each week through the steps to attaining the goal, offering insights and guidance.

Goal setting is about getting you from where you are now to a future that you want.

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