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The Anton Lesser Junkie Quick Fix Page

Anton Lesser in 'Art'

"No-One Will Laugh At You Here"

When is Anton next on TV?

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News Update!

Anton is currently starring as Leontes in the RSC's production of The Winter's Tale in the Swan Theatre, Stratford-upon-Avon. It's in rep until 6 January 07. You can read the reviews here.

A number of Anton's performances are now available on DVD and video:

Click here to see a list of available titles from Sendit

Funky New Feature:
Die the Anton Lesser Way!
Dramatic New Feature: The Cotton Ball Tiny New Feature: Little-Known Facts ... Provoking New Feature: Separated at Birth?


This website is regrettably no longer under the inspired management of the indefatigable PJ, who created it with such love.

Due to circumstances in her life, she has bequeathed the website to me and I hope to maintain it in suitable manner - if not with quite so much wit - from now on.

The site needs updating and some maintenance, so please bear with me while this is done. In the meantime, if you find any errors, dead links etc, please feel free to email me.


Recently, I had to face my dark side. Here it is: I will sit through almost anything if it has Anton Lesser in it. In fact, on several occasions, I actually have sat through anything because it had Anton Lesser in it. (if you want the proof, see the TV list)

Worse was to come. When Kathy Li, television critic, articulated my fears, first in January 1997 and then later in December 1998, I wondered how many others there were who were afflicted by the same troublesome phenomenon.

"These people need help", I said to myself, being of a basically philanthropic turn of mind. "They need a one-stop, one-size-fits-all therapy page to help them get through those lean seasons when there are no re-runs of Invasion: Earth on at 2am". (Not to mention being an awfully long way from the West End.)

Come out, people. You need no longer be ashamed of renting Troilus and Cressida six weeks running from the video library. Go and BUY Vanity Fair from your local culturally-inclined television merchandise outlet. You know you want to.

In the meantime - enjoy.

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